See ‘Black Sheep’ at Forty Hall until 8 May

Forty Hall & Estate (Enfield) takes your breath away as soon as you enter the estate, its picturesque pond with wildlife and a beautiful 16th century cedar tree welcome you upon arrival. The hall has door upon door of 16-17-18th century interiors and now has ‘Black Sheep’ occupying its rooms. Horst Couture’s garments gather in the tea chamber whilst other artworks subtly reside upon a fireplace or windowsill.

You can see ‘Black Sheep’ at Forty Hall until 8 May 2016, with the handling collection and learning zones in a learning room, this is where you can get hands on with pieces of felt fibres and artworks by the IFA.

The estate also houses the Nice Green cafe, a gift shop and farm shop with their on-site farm produce.

Address: Forty Hall & Estate, Forty Hill, London EN2 9HA

Opening times at Forty Hall:


Tuesday – Friday11am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday12 noon – 5pm

Hall open on Bank Holidays 12 noon – 5pm.


Tuesday – Friday11am – 4pm
Saturday & Sunday12 noon – 4pm

Hall open on Bank holidays 12 noon – 4pm.

For more information visit or call 020 8363 8196.

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