Elodie Antoine

“…I want it to give rise to contradictory feelings, attraction and repulsion, fear and humour.” (Elodie Antoine)

Elodie Antoine’s work consists of beautiful yet grotesque forms that play with the expectations of the viewer. Her experimental felt creations are scientific and biological and contradictory of felts conventional soft and cosy nature.

Through Antoine’s use of domestic objects and stereotypically feminine materials and techniques, she constantly explores and challenges the boundaries of masculinity and femininity, creating works such as a drill-shaped lipstick or electricity pylons and power plants made from delicate bobbin lace. Here, we concentrate on work that demonstrates her incredible skills within the medium of felt, as well as her exploration of controversial themes.

Grands Feutres Tranchés was originally made and exhibited for a gallery that was formerly an ancient Butcher shop, inspiring the shape that is reminiscent of large animal meat pieces, somewhat contrasting with the colour influenced by delft porcelain.

Table avec Feutres Tranchés is an installation of different felt pieces, open for interpretation of their subject matter, one may describe them as organs or fruits or delicatessen. Antoine’s predominant concept for this work is to portray subjects that are evocative but playfully unrepresentative.

“Feutre Perforé Suspendu is a hat stand with a white felt suspended. The felt is very organic, it looks like testicles, the form evokes something heavy but we can clearly see that it’s empty.”

“In Feutres Noirs, I’m interested in the contrasts between the material, the hairy wool and cold copper, and the contrast in the shape also, between organic and industrial.” Antoine uses real plumbing items (i.e. hooks) to attach the felt pieces, combining both commonly used materials but with such adverse characteristics.

Please note, Elodie Antoine’s work will not be available to tour with Black Sheep.

Visit Elodie Antoine‘s website.

Images by Scott Murray

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