Rachel Olin

“I delve into my inner most thoughts and emotions whilst creating felt pieces which are born from my own illustrated world of disgruntled characters”. 

Emerging artist/maker Rachel Olin, based in Lincolnshire, UK, works in sculptural textiles, specialising in wet felting techniques, and describes herself as “an artist in progress”. She graduated at Lincoln College and Bishop Grosseteste University College with lecturing artists: Roy Ridsdale; Pete Moss; John  Rimmer; David Manley, Hilary Bower and Paul Cordwell. Her practice adopts a preference towards using natural materials; hand making features herself and limiting her use of dyes for colouring the felt.

Olin created the series, ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ for Black Sheep. The series consists of seven curious and provocative creatures, each named after one of the seven deadly sins, with stunning rich colours and details, suggesting Olin’s particular eye for detail. Each holds such character, emotion, and courageous wit; some daring to challenge ideas surrounding religion, sexuality and gender. This collection of work illustrates her opinions of gender stereotyping, especially within the notion of ‘maker’ and traditional female craft alongside her amusing approach to these subjects in society.

A continuing theme in Olin’s practice is to use textiles to create sculptures and installations, to banish the traditional and conventional outcomes of felt making. Her exploration of how felt can be manipulated allows room for experimenting with not only context but also larger, ambitious scale. Currently, Olin has developed her practice to incorporate other art forms, such as audio & sound, altering ‘the perceptions of those who view her work.’

Visit Rachel Olin‘s website.

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